Slimming the Jaw
The anatomy of the area is important. The jaw line is a complex three dimensional structure made up of bone, muscle, fat and skin. For many people, the chewing muscles - also known as the masseter muscles can become very strong and prominent. These are the large strong muscles at the sides of
the jaw line.
The same wrinkle injections that a doctor can use to reduce wrinkles can be used to relax these muscles. Over time, these muscles will decrease in size and will help to form a slimmer, less bulky jaw.
Who can Benefit?
Increasingly wrinkle injections have been used cosmetically in the jawline to reduce the 'bulkiness' and thereby give a more 'V' shaped face.
The treatment is also often used in bruxism - also known as 'teeth grinding'. This can be a serious medical condition and can cause headaches, broken dental crowns and dental problems. By using wrinkle injections into the muscles responsible for the 'grinding', the symptoms can often be dramatically reduced.
Dr.Mariusz Gajewski
Treatments are performed by experienced cosmetic doctors. Dr.Mariusz Gajewski is dedicated to best practise in Cosmetic Medicine. He trains other doctors in the more complex areas of wrinkle injections and dermal filler.
He has been featured extensively in the media such as Channel 9 News, Today Tonight, Cosmopolitan magazine etc.





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